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Why clean your HVAC system?

Although there are many sources of air pollutants, a building's air ducts can be one of the major contributors.

Removing mould, dirt and bacteria from the ducts is the first step to cleansing your building and improving indoor air quality.our trained staff will clean the HVAC system utilising our specialist cleaning process, ensuring they're virtually free of dust, allergens and mould.

In addition to improving the health of the occupants, duct cleaning will reduce the need for frequent dusting and potentially improve air flow throughout the building.

How clean is the air in your building / home?

Indoor air contamination is a serious health hazard affecting thousands of Australians yearly. Researchers claim that it contributes to more than half of all illnesses, including: sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma and many more. Surprisingly, hundreds of contaminants thrive in the warm indoor environment. Well known household pollutants, for example: mold, dust, pollen, and animal and insect remains. Heating and cooling systems are perfect collection areas for airborne pollutants like mould spores and dust and moisture. Temperate environment is also a prime habitat for bacteria and fungi to develop, continuing the contamination process.

Reducing the sources of pollutants that could trigger a health reaction is an important part of keeping the atmospheres' air clean. Cleaning and maintaining the heating and cooling system on a regular basis will remove allergens like mould and dust from the air distribution system, which services all indoor environments.

How does the duct system get dirty?

Dirt, dust and lint collect in the heating and cooling system(s) of all forced air systems. Every heating or cooling system depends on the flow of air. As this air circulates, it picks up some of the lint, dust particles, cobwebs, pet hair and other kinds of dirt, which normally occur in every home or business and deposits it within the ductwork where it collects and builds up. Dirt, dust and debris fall into vents and make their way into the ductwork.

*Note: New homes should be cleaned as contstruction dust, new flooring, etc fall into the duct work.

Does duct cleaning remove dust mites?

Dust mites, along with dust and debris will be removed from the ductwork. However dust mites exist throughout your home in all your rooms. If you are interested in additional ways to reduce the dust mites in your home, consider an indoor air quality product such as an air cleaner.

Will duct cleaning get rid of cigarette smoke?

Smoke odours exists and linger within your home. This is because as the air circulates throughout, it self-bonds itself to various materials and fabrics, including curtains and furniture. Duct cleaning will not completely free the home of smoke odour, but would certainly help to reduce its effects. If you are interested in additional ways to reduce odours in your home, consider using an indoor air quality product such as an air cleaner. Cleaning and replacing old filters within the furnace on a regular basis will also help to reduce odours.

Will the technician remove the registers?

Pro-Clean prefers to remove registers during the cleaning process, however and especially in older homes where registers have been painted over or wallpapered in place. If the assigned technician cannot remove the register without risking damage, the air wand would then be used for cleaning. It is about a quarter of inch in diameter and is inserted directly into the register itself.

Is the duct cleaning process dirty?

Pro-Clean technicians are very neat and tidy and have ways to keep the disturbance of dust in the home to a minimum. The duct cleaning process is not dirty. Your home does not require cleaning after we complete a job.

Is the duct cleaning process noisy?

Yes, the duct cleaning process can be noisy inside your home.

Do I have to leave the house during the cleaning process?

No, there is no need to leave the home during the process. The process and the technician are very neat and tidy, and no chemicals are used that would force anyone to leave the house. The technician will turn off the system prior to cleaning the ducts, so could cool the home temperature down some in the winter, and make it warmer in the summer. If there is anyone within the home that may be sensitive to the temperature change, consider finding an alternative location for that particular person throughout the cleaning.

Do I have to move anything?

Whenever possible please make sure that the registers and returns are not hidden, and if they are, please be prepared to point them out to the technician. Most technicians will try to move furniture whenever possible.

How long does the whole cleaning process take?

Duct cleaning can take between 1.5 and 3 hours. Larger homes may take a little longer or if the set up of the equipment is difficult, however we are in you home until the job is completely finished.

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