Commercial / Industrial HVAC Hygiene Solutions

Pro-Clean Services specialises in the cleaning of Commercial HVAC systems. Our professional commercial services include;

1. Cleaning of HVAC's & Air Handling Units, including coils and fan.
      ? Supply and Return Ductwork.
      ? Cooling and Heating Coil Cleaning.
      ? V.A.V. boxes.
      ? Dampers and Louvers.
      ? Condensations Trays

2. Make-Up Air systems and related ductwork.
3. Cleaning of Supply Diffusers and Return Grills.
4. Commercial reporting,Video and Digital imaging of ductwork.
5. Indoor Air Quality Testing and Reporting.
6. Monthly monitoring and filter changes in existing systems.
7. Annual Maintenance of buildings for cleaning purposes of the HVAC system.

Poor Indoor Air Quality can significantly affect the productivity and efficiency of your facility and employees.


Sick Building Syndrome is a term used to describe a range of symptoms suffered by office workers, such as headaches, fatigue, difficulties in concentrating and respiratory problems. Some researchers believe that high levels of bacteria and fungi in the HVAC system can be the cause.


Commercial Duct CleaningA HVAC (Heating,Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system that is not properly maintained and cleaned can cause many problems and cost a great deal of money to repair.

Pro-Clean Services provides professional duct cleaning services for all variations of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems. Inspecting the building, determining the requirements of the project and reporting back to the customer with the amount of pollutants and contaminates found as well as the required maintenance for future duct cleaning is the standard.

General Scope of work includes:

? Source removal Duct Cleaning.
? HEPA vacuuming of all associated returns, diffusers and exhaust fans.
? Providing access panels and seal(s), where necessary.
? Provide digital images for cleanliness verification.
? Professional reports provided.
? High Pressure Positive and Negative Air Cleaning
? Contact brush cleaning in certain situations.


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