Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

The Kitchen is definitely one place where you just cannot afford to let standards slip - for hygiene, safety and legal requirements.It’s important to be aware if the exhaust system has not been professionally cleaned in a twelve month period as per AS 1851 rev 2005, your building is non-compliant which could result in a restaurant shutdown or even no insurance cover for fire damage.

Commercial kitchen Cleaning You should always have your kitchen exhaust cleaned on a regular basis.Pro-Clean will ensure compliance with the latest regulations and standards in the industry.

Using the latest cleaning methods and equipment we aim to provide cleaning results which are second to none.

The most effective way to clean ductwork, is to scrape off the surplus grease and then treat the area with specialist chemicals. We will clean all areas that are accessible.

Kitchen exhaust fans produce oil and grease that may collect on the roof, leading to costly roof repairs, dangerous work areas, and even fire.

Pro-Clean Services offers the most effective solution to the problem of rooftop grease.


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